Nuweiba is located in a unique place between Dahab and Taba, which is 85 kilometers north.

Nuweiba is opposite to the Jordanian Port of Aqaba, making it an important Egyptian port in the Gulf of Al Aqaba. Nuweiba’s location has made it of significant commercial importance as one of the most important Egyptian gateways to the Arab world and Asia.

Nuweiba has an area of around 5,097 kilometers and also contains a lot of tourist attractions such as hotels, restaurants, and diving centers. These have made the town an important tourist destination that is much cheaper than other resorts in Sinai like Sharm El Sheikh or Taba.

Nuweiba is also different than any other city in Sinai because of the Bedouins that are still living in the city. This gives it a unique atmosphere because of the special habits and lives of the Sinai Bedouins. Major activities for tourists and Egyptians in Nuweiba are diving, snorkeling, going on safari trips, or chilling out on the beautiful beaches. Whether you are a professional diver or a beginner, you will find a suitable diving spot in Nuweiba and instructors to show you how. The city is also famous for its exceptional coral reefs that you can never find anywhere else around the world. Individual and group divers can enjoy their favorite sport with four equipped diving centers in Nuweiba.

Yoga In the Desert

You can also rent a four-by-four car or ride a camel and go explore the secrets of the desert in Nuweiba and visit the many nearby water wells and drink healthy fresh mineral water. You can enjoy wonderful yoga sessions in the heart of the mountains in surroundings that you will never ever forget.

Overnight Trips

A lot of tourist offices in Nuweiba organize overnight trips escorted by a guide. The overnight trips are a chance to enjoy the desert and its amazing atmosphere in the morning and then enjoy belly dancing, oriental shows, and Bedouin food and grills at night. Although Nuweiba is not so famous among tourists, like Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab, the city definitely has a glamorous future with a lot of new hotels and diving centers opening in the city. The town has another key feature which is that as the capital city of the governorate of South Sinai it has all the courts of the governorate.

Pharos Island

This island is located 60 kilometers north of Nuweiba and 7 kilometers south of Taba. It is famous for two reasons. The first reason is its distinctive location overseeing the Gulf of Al Aqaba. You can see Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Taba from Pharos Island.

The second reason why this island is particularly important is the Fort of Saladin that Saladin built in 1170 A.D., which is considered an architectural gem. The fort was used to defend Egypt against crusaders. The fort contains great untouched outer and inner walls and a number of control towers. The island also has a small port for boats to take tourists to and from the island.

Abu Galum Protected Area

The Abu Galum protected area is located between Taba and Nuweiba and it has a special topography and ecosystem that features a combination of desert, mountain, and valleys. Abu Galum is beautiful and is full of rare colored fish and coral reefs. The area hosts a huge selection of animals, birds, and rare plants that are not found anywhere else.

There are also amazing diving spots around Abu Galum especially for professionals with some diving locations that are more than 100 meters deep. There are one day trips from Nuweiba and you can also organize trips from Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, and Taba. You can also go for a one-day trip to Saint Catharine to visit the famous ancient monastery and some of the other monuments located around it like Serabit El Khadem.