When translated, Mukawer is commonly known as the ‘Castle of the Gallows’ due to the fact that John the Baptist was beheaded here. Over the years this site has played a significant role in Greek, Roman and Jewish history and it is particularly notable for being where Salome, the daughter of Herod II and his wife Herodias, sealed the fate of John the Baptist. 

Mukaweris located right on top of a hill just two kilometers from the village of Mukawer. The hill towers 1100 meters above the Dead Sea and the castle can be viewed from afar. It is a steep climb to reach the castle but the views are certainly worth it. The closest city to Mukaweris is Madaba, it is just one hour away by car

Like it’s a sister site of Masada on the opposite side of the Dead Sea, Machaerus was also the scene of a Roman siege during the first Jewish revolt against Rome. 

Mukawer is also one of the designated pilgrimage sites for the year 2000. The top of Mount Mukawer overlooks a breathtaking view of the Dead Sea, especially at sunset. The summit can be reached after climbing a winding staircase up to the mountain.