Located on the coast of the Red Sea and one of Egypt’s most popular tourist destinations, Hurghada has beautiful beaches and perfect crystal-clear waters for diving and snorkeling.

Like Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada was a tiny fishing village before Egypt’s 1980s tourism boom. Resorts and tourist amenities rapidly sprung up, as did an international airport with connections to many European cities, making it a popular beach holiday destination.

What to do in Hurghada?

The city of Hurghada is considered to be one of the best resorts extending for 40 km on the red sea coast, it used to be a small village counting on fishing and local farming, but at the early of 20th century, the Egyptian government shade the attention on the city for its geographic importance and for being a wonderful sea resort. some renovations and investments were done in 1980, and the name of “Hurghada city” came after a plant grew naturally in the surrounding areas. you may recognize Hurghada city for its aquatic sports, diving, snorkeling and beach activities, but in fact, it is not all about beach because there are some sights and landmark, it is also known for its nightlife and warm weather in which the temperature reaches most of the year 30 °C, but in the summer, it reaches over 40 °C and for that it is highly visited during Christmas and new year holidays.

There are many options you can consume while searching for Hurghada activities like diving, snorkeling and deep-sea fishing. the city is thriving with marine life, spectacular coral reefs and tiny colorful fish settlements that captured the world attention and became the Europeans obsession and their favorite escape destination in the winter with its white sand and clear turquoise water. Here are some of the plenty sites that you can visit both in water and on land in Hurghada city.

Giftun islands

It is famous for its boat excursion and white sandy beach, some would prefer just to lay under the palm-frond shelter and soaking up the sun rays on the beach of the island to get the perfect tan or you can do some snorkeling if you are not scuba diving fan, even if you paddled near the shore, you still get to see coral reefs that surrounding the island.

Hurghada Marina

It is a modern edition of the town’s major dining destinations, nothing is better than having your meal overlooking the yachts of the red sea, find your favorite restaurants and coffees there.

Straits of Gubal

It is a major diving site between the red sea coast and the Sinai Peninsula, the narrow strip is easily accessed from Hurghada with vast coral reefs and wrecks of a cargo ship that was discovered by the French diver Jacques Cousteau. So, if you are a red sea diving fan then you can’t miss this site. some tourists prefer submarines as an adventurous experience, you’ll find submarines that take you 22 meter deep for about one hour round under the sea so you can witness the magical beauty and phenomenal marine life of the red sea, maybe you should try this out. another shipwreck sites are Abu Nuhas north of Shadwan island, the site has five shipwrecks sunk one of them sunk in 1981, for diving fans who are in love with deep sea exploration, it will be such a great activity where the site is still in good condition and you can spot some fish over there.

Discover the desert

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go far from the resort town to do some desert actions. If you have been to Hurghada before, you probably know that it is not all about beaches, Hurghada has valleys and mountains that give you the opportunities to do some exciting desert activities. You can gather your friends and go for buggy trips or maybe quad biking. Also, one of the very fun options is camel rides, whether you like short rides along the beach or two hours rides straight to Bedouin settlements, you can choose. For food lovers’ travelers, they should go for a Bedouin dinner, many resorts operate the night dinner and we as a travel company will make sure to have such an option in your tours also you can book it from Hurghada day tours category.

Hurghada grand Aquarium

It is a display of red sea marine life, zoo and museum. inspires every age but perfect for children to get educated about the marine environment of the red sea and ecology, it is a good trip also for not good swimmers to spot the fancy coral reefs and aquatic creatures.