Irbid is a city in northern Jordan, some 88 km north of the capital Amman. Archaeological evidence reveals that Irbid has been settled since the Bronze Age. During the Roman period, Irbid was known as Arabella. The city’s ancient past now lies hidden beneath modern roads and buildings.

A diverse city, Irbid is home to both Christian and Muslim communities. Tall Irbid (Hill of Irbid), as one of the largest hills in the region covering approximately 200 dunums, dates back to 5th century BC. There are documented archeological sites from the first, second and late bronze ages indicating human activity in the area.

Modern Irbid is one of Jordan’s industrial areas as well as an agricultural center for Jordan’s most fertile region. The many springs in the area, in addition to the Yarmūk River, provide water for the irrigation of crops. Yarmūk University (1976) offers instruction in both Arabic and English, with numerous faculties in the arts and sciences, education, law, and engineering