Dahab is one of the coolest destinations among the red sea cities that deserve to visit. Because there are so many things to do in Dahab, it attracts a lot of tourists. Egypt is more than the history and desert; in my opinion, historical tourism sites in Egypt should be included in your itinerary, but you should also include the recreational aspect of the beaches. Egypt is a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches.

Despite the small size of Dahab, it has many stations that we stop by out of respect for its beauty and sanctity. From beaches with unique coral reefs to safaris characterized by their kind and welcoming Bedouins. In addition to the famous tourist Mamsha, which comes alive at night. Would you like to come with a quick tour of Egypt tours in Dahab?

Best places to visit in Dahab city

Dahab is abundant in tourist attractions and activities, as well as being near to Sharm El-Sheikh, Saint Catherine, and numerous islands and beaches that we will explore together.

Blue hole in Dahab

The Blue Hole is one of the most beautiful diving sites in the world and the top-rated from the tourist among all Egypt day tours. It was only permitted to dive for licensed divers. Now divers are providing safe ways to dive, but for a short distance that does not exceed 10 meters. If you do not want to dive, you must discover the beauty of its coral reefs by snorkeling on the surface of the water.

The blue hole is one of the oddest diving sites in the world since it was famous for being the deadliest diving site in the world, where many divers’ lives were taken until it was named the “divers’ graveyard.”

The Legend of Diver’s Cemetery in Blue Hole

The families of the divers who drowned in the Bluehole cemetery wrote the name and date of the loss of the divers who drowned and their bodies were not found. The most famous diver who drowned in the blue hole is Yuri Lipski because he was carrying a video camera with him to record his voyage in diving and explorations in the sea world.

Abu Galum

Abu Galum is usually the next stop after blue hole in Egypt travel packages and it is their most enjoyable. Abu Galum protectorates do not have a road for cars, the only way to reach it is by taking a nice boat ride.

Abu Galum is a very suitable relaxation stop, during the day you can snorkel to see a wonderful spot of coral reefs. In addition to other activities such as kite surfing and parasailing. As for the night, tourists prefer staying there to spend a quiet night with nature in front of the fire to drink tea, the sea, and behind you is the dazzling mountain view.

Blue Lagoon Dahab

Blue Lagoon is located near Abu Galum, you can reach it by car. Blue Lagoon Dahab is a sandy beach where you cannot find fish and coral reefs, but you will find unparalleled clarity of the water. The sand is so soft that tourists use it to exfoliate while swimming.

Three Pools Dahab

The Three pools are one of the most popular trips that tourist’s book from Sharm El Sheikh. After getting to know the Sharm El Sheikh attractions, they book a package or a day tour to Dahab, especially for the Three pools. From a high point, you can see three holes, their color is different from the color of the sea. These holes are three pools surrounded by coral reefs that you can live with by snorkeling or you can dive deeper with your friends or lover.

Jinni valley safari tour

After having fun on the Three pools excursion and learning about marine life, it’s time to learn about the safari trips in Dahab. Wadi Jinni is one of Dahab’s most unique features. Ride the beach buggies and enjoy. The guide will accompany you to a spot where you may hike to witness the most stunning panoramic view of the sea via it.

Lagoona beach Dahab

Lagoona beach Dahab is one of the distinctive sandy beaches in Dahab, known for its soft sand that tourists use for scrapping. The beach is as shocking as the tongue as the water surrounds you from three directions. You can camp in it to spend a special night with the wonderful sea.

Mount Tawilat

One of the best things to do in Dahab at night is to enjoy a safari trip to Jabal Al Tawilat. As soon as you arrive at the Bedouin place, you will find Bedouins waiting for you with the appropriate musical instruments for a small fun party, singing traditional Bedouin songs and drinking special Bedouin tea.

Finally tourist Mamsha

Do not forget while you are in Dahab to wander the tourist mamsha at night and buy souvenirs that will remind you of the place. In addition to trying the cafes lined up by the sea, such as the everyday cafe.